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No matter if you follow the “Cossack Voice“ in english, russian or german: Stay in contact with us as we are continously supplying updates and publishing new stories. 

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Starting from the earliest ancestors evidenced around the 14th century until today. Not for self-esteem but for understanding history in a broader context and why this website is here in first place. 

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Movies, pictures as well as visual documentations covering the cossacks life and heritage - most of it has never beeing shown outside Russia. Work is still in progress. 

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My Father at the CIC

An incredibly elegant, eloquent, multilingual as well as extremely charming gentleman with wild tales from WWII and its aftermath. A tough ‘third man’ in the extreme Cold War which took place in post-war Vienna. It has been told that my fathers post-war duty was the basic idea to the movie script to Graham Greenes film-epos ’Der III Mann’
(’The third Man’). 

My father, the last true gentlemen, representing a equisite, elegant, now bygone century, has passed away...

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Cossack Central Executive Body


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  1. In our online magazine we will be portraying – as the name suggests – Cossacks, their heritage as well as their destiny. To keep your reading moral high, please rest assured: You will here never find playing family pets or our aunts holiday pictures from last summer.

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“...Many Cossacks cut their wrists right before the eyes of the unstirred English soldiers. Mothers threw their children into the raging Drava river and jumped after them in death. In spite of the the genocide taking place right before their eyes the British soldiers executed their orders relentlessly.

As the weaponless Cossacks resisted and fought desperately with bare hands, the British used brutal violence - including homicide...“

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