Freiherr Oberst Eugen Vladimirovitsch von Luhowyj

* 1889


name  General Eugen Vladimirowitsch von Luhowyj

born Antijon, Gouv. Kyjiv, Ukraine, Russia

heritage  Noble Kosak,

  1. General in the national ukainian army under Hetman Skoropadskij following later by Simon Petljura from 1918-1920,

  2. Cavalry captain in the late Tzar Nikolaus II. personal guard


a brief family history

During the turmoil of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, my grandfather was ordered by Tsar Nicholas II to travel westbound with secret instructions to buy weapons, ammunition, military equipment and clothing for the “White Army“ to help in their fight against the communist “Red Army“ of the Bolsheviks. When my grandfather arrived in Vienna, he found the Russian Embassy in a growing state of abandonment.

Due to their fear of the Bolsheviks, embassy staff had fled Vienna, mainly to England and to Sweden. My grandfather thus became, by accident, the last de facto military attaché of Czarist Russia in Vienna. 

Vienna had always been the city of love, the Waltz and the arts. Not even a Cossack could resist these elemental forces. My grandmother-to-be, Isolde Heinisch, was an eloquent and successful Viennese artist.

My grandfather fell in love with her, and they were soon married. My father was born, 26th June, 1920, in Vienna. Shortly afterwards, my grandfather decided to return to Russia to fight against the Communists and Bolsheviks.

For many freedom seekers, like my grandfather, the false and euphoric reports in the press regarding the 'imminent' victory of the White Army against the hordes of the Bolshevik Red Army provided them with the motivation to return to Russia to fight for freedom. My grandfather wanted to be part of this fight, and not just from the relative administrative safety of Vienna.

The newspaper excerpt to the lower left shows my grandfather's (only remaining) handwritten note:

  1. "This is our work of the
    past 1 1/2 years"

Isolde had grim forebodings and warned her husband not to travel. But he was determined to go. And so, in tears, she sewed his documents into his riding jacket and bade him farewell. That was the last that was heard of him. There were credible reports that he was recognized at the border by Bolsheviks as a loyal Czarist Cossack, and shot on the spot. Credible reports show that the whole rest of my family on fathers side was rounded up in a schoolyard and also shot on the spot. The fleeing children were brutally beaten to death by smashing their little heads against the school walls until their sculls burst open.

The Saporoger Cossacks

file a letter to the Sultan

See the Tzars tough body guard „In Action“

Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks is a historical tableau, set in 1676, exploiting the legend of the reply that the Cossacks sent the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed IV.
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This video was smuggled out of Siberia and shows until now in the West unseen pictures of the late Tzars secret body guard.
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The sole purpose of this webpage to commemorate the lives of my ancestors and the life of my father, the last gentleman of a distant epoch. An indescribably eloquent, educated and ideologically resolute free thinker.
”...Every word Gogol ever wrote over the Cossacks is true! A cursed race!”
No one in the whole world has ever felt so deeply of liberty, equality and fraternity.“ ®RepinCossack.htmlJury.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

beware —not child save

these five videos show that what most believed a revolution was, in fact turned out to have been a rigged table and a successful public relation scam.
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„Russian Revolution“ not more
then a „public relation“ gag

For many freedom seekers, the false and euphoric reports in the press regarding the 'imminent' victory of the White Army against the hordes...
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A last newspaper clipping

«It would be a great tragedy if Communism disappeared from the earth without leaving behind an indelible memory of its horrors...»
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