Lenin's pimps



An unholy alliance

Lenin wanted to overthrow the Tsar, the German Emperor Wilhelm II needed to achieve a victory on the eastern front against Russia. So...

a truly unholy alliance was formed.

The "Central Powers" named the "Alliance" (consisting of the German Empire and Austria-Hungary later joined by the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria) believed to achieve a "cheap" peace with Russia through buying off the Czar‘s rivaling Bolsheviks.

Ultimately, if we look at it in historical terms, all participating players in the alliance as well as the targeted victim Russia, became plain losers altogether. Newly discovered documents show the extent of the extensive secret cooperation of Kaiser Wilhelm II with the Bolsheviks during the First World War.

The aim was to overthrow the Czar and establish a communist peoples democracy in Russia in order to be able to reach a "resource saving" peace settlement.

For years Germany helped and assisted as good as it could the cold blooded murderer e.g. Bolsheviks
(70 million dead on their way to the socialist paradise) with millions in foreign exchange, information and logistics.

Ultimately, this tragic experiment ended in a terrible military, political, sociological and disaster as well as a human tragedy and was the immediate cause for the horrible Second World War.

German secret information (top of the original telegram - excerpt) reads:

Lenin's entry into Russia successful. He works exactly as planned.

The facts:

Germany assisted so clandestine as robust and aided the politically and financially weak (nobody in Russia really wanted them there - besides the bought off claqueurs) Bolschewiki as much as they could. By opening them financially especially through bribing the better part of  the Duma (in early Berlusconi style) the only possible way to come to power in Russia. In fact, what the world became to know as "the great russian revolution" was nothing else but a planned public relations scam. The underlying reason was the primitive but clever strategic idea by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II to get the upper hand in the otherwise unsure outcome of WWI by rigging the table. Knowing that this would jettison not only Russia but many other states a full century back in social, military and political development.

The impressive movies, sorry in German language only, are to be found below