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My father "investigator" Counterintelligence Corps „CIC“ (United States Army)

"The Third Man"
Nothing is, as it seems. Sometimes a story is so weird that nobody halfway sane would ever believe that it could be true. Nevertheless, Graham Greens script to "The Third Man" was indeed based on my fathers work in the CIC. Its weird, but, believe it or not - it's so.Jerry.html

"CIC Records:

A valuable tool for researchers"
For our english fluent historians thats a invaluable gift for research. That very file was online a short time under the Freedom of Information Act. But since Obama took office that file mystically disappeared.                      Continue »

Haidinger in JIPSS:

the adventurous life of the CIC-agent Jury von Luhovoy
in early cold war Vienna.

Jury von Luhovoy (1920-2010) was in the employ of the military Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Austria from 1947-1953. In this interview he provides a rare insight into the every-day work of an American intelligence operator in post-war Vienna, describes the metamorphosis of the Soviets from ally to enemy, and characterizes Soviet kidnapping practices from which he escaped only narrowly himself. As non- American citizen and son of a stateless Russian, his usability as an intelligencer was limited; he describes the leadership style of his superiors and explains why his CIC-career was ended and how he was handed over to the American Military Intelligence Service (MIS) about which he divulges little. Jury von Luhovoy eventually emigrated to Canada and later returned to civilian life in Austria.

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Operation "Paperclip"

Nothing is as it seems, is true in many ways. That was also the case with the de-nazification in Europe. When somebody with a special ability was really needed, there were ways to overlook former ranks or deeds. Actually the four occupying forces in Austria fought a fierce cold war over the brightest minds in the theater. Who snapped a cleverest scientist first, was the winner. No rules applied, no hostages taken. The russians were far more brutal then the contenders, but they mainly lost on the intellectual front as their ’foot soldiers’ where not as bright as the competening ones.

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History of CIC

The mission of the CIC was the detection, neutralization and or destruction of espionage, sedition and sabotage against the US Army. High standards were set for individuals selected for CIC service. The  IQ  requisite minimum score was 120 and persons selected were investigated for impeccable backgrounds based on loyalty, integrity and discretion.

The demands on the FBI were so great during World War II that an agreement was reached whereby the CIC would handle all security matters pertaining to the US Army exclusively.

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CIC‘s historic mission in Europe

  1. The CIC was a clandestine US organization, founded 1942, dissolved presumably around fall 1961

  2. in the beginning military counterintelligence later instructed...

  3. to execute a robust and aggressive search for outstanding european scientists, artists and leading technicians to...

  4. get them at once to the US to assist the "Manhattan Project" or other scientific fields...

  5. before they could be kidnapped by the the sovjets and to disappear in the feared "sovjet sector". A cat and mouse game like in "The Third Man" – with one big difference: This was a true and dangerous day to day work and life for the lonely boys.

  6. combatting the notorious Viennese black market.

  7. my fathers CIC mission was in fact (believe it or not) the blueprint for Graham Greenes legendary novel “Der dritte Mann“ - “The Third Men“.

  8. JIPSS - start of historic scientific research by international as historic journalist highly regarded Martin Haidinger ®ORF.