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JIPSS article – Synopsis:

Investigator and Gentleman:

the adventurous life of the CIC-agent Jury von Luhovoy
in early cold war Vienna.

  1. Jury von Luhovoy (1920-2010) was in the employ of the military Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Austria from 1947-1953. In this interview he provides a rare insight into the every-day work of an American intelligence operator in post-war Vienna, describes the metamorphosis of the Soviets from ally to enemy, and characterizes Soviet kidnapping practices from which he escaped only narrowly himself. As non- American citizen and son of a stateless Russian, his usability as an intelligencer was limited; he describes the leadership style of his superiors and explains why his CIC-career was ended and how he was handed over to the American Military Intelligence Service (MIS) about which he divulges little. Jury von Luhovoy eventually emigrated to Canada and later returned to civilian life in Austria.



  1. The mission of the CIC was the detection, neutralization and or destruction of espionage, sedition and sabotage against the US Army. High standards were set for individuals selected for CIC service. The  IQ  requisite minimum score was 120 and persons selected were investigated for impeccable backgrounds based on loyalty, integrity and discretion.

  2. The demands on the FBI were so great during World War II that an agreement was reached whereby the CIC would handle all security matters pertaining to the US Army exclusively. Thus “America’s Secret Army”, “Spy Catchers”, ‘Spooks” or “Silent Warriors” was launched with thousands of operative Special Agents spread worldwide. To accomplish their CIC missions they often operated in civilian clothes rather than military uniforms and had false undercover identification and concealed weapons when necessary.

  3. Although Military Intelligence dates back to George Washington’s time and the Revolutionary War, and was active again in World War I, it was virtually abandoned at the close of that war. With the onset of World War II, Military Intelligence and Counter Intelligence were quickly reactivated and professionalized. Initially came theCorps of Intelligence Police (CIP) . The (CIP) was later renamed and redirected into the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) on January 1, 1942.

  4. CIC was heavily involved in the security of the Atomic Bomb development and the Normandy Invasion among others. At the end of World War II CIC personnel  were successful in an operation called “Paper Clip” that obtained German Rocket Scientists for America before the Soviets took them. This action aided in the success of our rocket development program and resultant  adventure into space. CIC  actively continued positive and counter intelligence activities in the Cold War, Korean War and Vietnam War. Their successful missions are legendary in protecting America against its enemies.

CIC Historische Aufgaben in Europa
USA Geheimdienstorganisation gegründet 1942, aufgelöst ca.1961
Ursprünglich militärische Gegenspionage, später beauftragt...
aggressiv nach (teilweise untergetauchten) herausragenden europäischen Technikern und Wissenschaftlern zu fahnden zur...
Unterstützung des „Manhattan Projekts“...
bevor sie von den Sowjets gekidnapped wurden und im sowjetischem Sektor verschwanden.
Bekämpfung des hyperventlierenden Schwarzmarktes und Aufbau von demokratischer (US freundlichen) politischen Strukturen. 
Die CIC Tätigkeit meines Vaters in Wien benutzte Graham Greene 
in seinem legendären Buch „Der dritte Mann“ als Grundlage.
Beginn der wissenschaftlichen Aufarbeitung durch erste Publizierung 2010 durch Martin Haidinger ®ORF im JIPPS 2010. 
Persönliche Daten:
deckname / alias name Jerry Roberts
location  Wien, Salzburg, NewYork, Montreal
Beruf / duty   CIC Investigator
mission:  Spionageabwehr, CounterintelligencePass.html

Mein Vater / my father at the Counterintelligence Corps CIC
(United States Army)

CIC‘s historic mission in Europe

  1. The CIC was a clandestine US organization, founded 1942,
    dissolved presumably around fall 1961

  2. in the beginning military counterintelligence later instructed...

  3. to execute a robust and aggressive search for outstanding european scientists, artists and leading technicians to...

  4. get them at once to the US to assist the “Manhattan Project“...

  5. before they could be kidnapped by the the sovjets and to disappear in the “sovjet sector“. A cat and mouse game like in “The Third Man“ - with one big difference: This was a true and dangerous day to day work and life for the group.

  6. combatting the notorious Viennese black market.

  7. my fathers CIC mission was the blueprint for Graham Greenes
    legendary novel “Der dritte Mann“ - “The Third Men“.

  8. JIPSS - start of historic scientific research by international as historic journalist highly regarded Martin Haidinger ®ORF.