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The good, the bad
and the genocide.

« Your Excellency,

In view of the approaching fourth anniversary of the ghastly tragedy of the Cossacks, namely their compulsory extradition to the Soviet Union, I believe it appropriate to recall briefly this terrible event in the memory of Cossacks... »

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Count Nikolai Tolstoy

Count Nikolai Tolstoy, a british historian, presents his very detailled account on the enforced repatriation of Croats, Cossacks and other nationalities after the World War II.

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"Flight into Hopelessness:
The Cossacks in East Tyrol,"

the attention of this slim volume of essays is dedicated not to Cossacks who fled, but rather to objects and people who remained in East Tyrol long after some 45,000 Cossacks were forcibly removed from southern Austria by the British in May 1945...

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Disarmed soldiers awaiting new weapons
from the british forces in Lienz /East Tyrol

In April 1945, about 30.000 displaced Cossack women and children where on the run, fearing Stalin's revenge. Their wagon, horses and camels trailed towards East Tyrol where it was known the British forces lingered. The Cossacks tried to reach the British POW camp in Lienz the rescue - so they wrongly believed.

They were fooled to surrender all their weapons trusting the promise of the brits that they soon were to take new British one. Moreover, they trusted the word of the British that they, as prisoners of war were, never to be handed over to a foreign force.

The promises to the Cossacks turned out to be worthless at best.

On June 1, 1945, the British brutally rounded up about 26 000 Cossacks in order to meet their commitments to Stalin, to their mortal enemy. Some 4,000 prisoners were able to escape and found rescue in the mountains were they where hiding. Constantly on the run from the pursuing British they often died on the flight.

Stalin insisted and got his way in Yalta with the Allies on the handover of the Cossacks.

When this became known, the situation escalated in the Lienz camp.

"Better dead now,
than sent to the USSR!"

was the slogan of the desperate betrayed.

Many Cossacks cut their wrists right before the eyes of the unstirred English soldiers. Mothers threw their children into the raging Drava river and jumped after them in death. In spite of the the genozide taking place right held before their eyes the British soldiers executed their command relentless. As the weaponless Cossacks resisted and fought desperately with bare hands, the British used brutal violence - including homicide.

The Austrian farmers could not wait to plunder the dying Cossacks until the local pastor stepped in. A soup-kettle from the Cossack camp still stands as eloquent metallic monument of that plunder, turned into a flower pot, in front of a nearby inn. Many of the Cossacks belongings are found today in many Tyrollean haystacks.

The British killed the two hundred Astrach camels the Cossacks came with, on the spot. From the wool of these camels sweaters have been knitted by the local farmers and are known to the Austrians until today that they were pretty stiff and coarse. About 20,000 horses from the Cossacks were captured by the British and most of them shipped to England. The rest of the loot was let to local farmers.

Farming families tell that very story regarding the camel-pullovers (knitted from the wool of the slain Astrach camels) which are still worn by some farmers in the 3rd generation) till today. There are Cossacks in England, who sue the British government until today to get a refund for the stolen horses.

The tragedy of the Drava River was just the start of a following subsequent systematic and definitive destruction of the Cossacks in the Soviet Union, "Genozide reloaded"

"History is a lie, its a agreement upon."

Napoleon ®

Historic Facts

  1. The Soviets planned and operated, as proven by recent historic research results, together with the Americans in advance and in a concerted action the systematic destruction of the Cossacks as a people.

My Father
escaped, as so often in its rich life only by pure luck and chance. 
In that very case by the not quite official "exchange" of a vacation certificate with a fellow officer who had near Graz a girlfriend in. This love affair was his death sentence. massacre.html
„Genocide reloaded“
The Cossack genocide was in fact a double one: 
A plain genocide as well as a ethnocide (cultural genocide) / soziozide. The Cossacks saw themselves always as a distinct profession as well as a special ethnic group within the russian society.massacre.html

Facts & Figures

  1. In Drautal lingered beside the large Cossack trail (Cossack camp under the generals Domanov and Krasnow) in Lienz (about 25,000) moreover about 15,000 Cossacks of the XV Cavalry Regiment under the later in Moscow executed General von Pannwitz, as well as muslim Caucasian units stationed.

  2. On the other hand, there where in the theater Villach / Klagenfurt still 5,000 people of the “Russian Defense Corps" (a formation of Russian Tsar officers and senior Cossacks from emigre circles in Serbia), used for the protection of the Yugoslav railway lines of the Wehrmacht. They took 1.500 of the incoming Cossacks in, claiming to he brits they belong to their own regiment, in order to protect them from certain death.

  3. The “protection corps" - placed there, were immigrants from Czarist Russia, which were nominally no Soviet citizens - so not be handed over to the Bolsheviks. The escaped later and emigrated mostly to Argentina. 12,000 men of the West Ukrainian Greek-Catholic were held but (for being “not really pure Herrenmensch“) not integrated in the SS devision "Galicia". The latter were not handed over to the sowjets because they were considered former Polish citizens (and the pope intervened massively for them). They were taken to Italy, embarked from the British and brought to England, where their descendants live to this day.