In April 1945, about 30.000 displaced Cossack women and children where on the run, fearing Stalin's revenge. Their wagon, horses and camels trailed towards East Tyrol where it was known the British forces lingered. The Cossacks tried to reach with their wifes and kids the British POW camp in Lienz to the rescue as they wrongly believed...                                     Continue »

A Deadly Mistake

The good, the bad

and the genocide

«Your Excellency,

In view of the approaching fourth anniversary of the ghastly tragedy of the Cossacks, namely their compulsory extradition to the Soviet Union, I believe it appropriate to recall briefly this terrible event in the memory of Cossacks... »

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The forgotten Genozide »

In April 1945, about 30.000 displaced Cossack women and children
were on the run, fearing Stalin's revenge.

* With kith & kin over the frozen alps straight into the genocide. The one and only picture available from the poor track. Photo taken through a gate from a watching bystander.


"Flight into Hopelessness:
The Cossacks in East Tyrol,"

the attention of this slim volume of essays is dedicated not to Cossacks who fled, but rather to objects and people who remained in East Tyrol long after some 45,000 Cossacks were forcibly removed from southern Austria by the British in May 1945...

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For over a decade in the middle of twentieth century, the lands between Russia and Germany were the killing fields of Europe.

Tens of millions of civilians from Poland to Ukraine, Lithuania to Belarus were starved, beaten, shot and gassed to death by the authorities and armies of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

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