CIC historical Background

Formed in 1942, the Counter Intelligence Corps's mandate was to:

„contribute to the operations of the Army Establishment through the detection of treason, sedition, subversive activity, or disaffection, and the detection, prevention, or neutralization of espionage and sabotage within or directed against the Army Establishment and the areas of its jurisdiction.“


Emergency-Interview part 2

More CIC original emergency Interviews as sound files - soon to appear here, recorded weeks before my father died.

Emergency-Interview part 1

CIC Interview sound part III

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Jury von Luhovoy »

The ORF Journalist Martin Haidinger is basing his researches regarding the
USA secret services devision CIC on a „rescue interview“ with my father in 2010

Wernher von Braun &

Operation "Paperclip"

CIC Records:
A valuable tool for researchers

Wernher von Braun (as many others) was "very cooperative" with the CIC as his interview file shows. The actual task was to get hold of scientists before the sowjets.

Wernher von Braun became later renown as the father of modern space travel. Not so much because he was a former high ranking paramilitary SS officer and highly decorated Nazi war hero who constructed the V1 and V2 rockets which targeted and hit England hard. 

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The records of the US Army's Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) are invaluable for students of intelligence and military history.

The secret files for the first time free accessible thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

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US strategy in Austria in
and after WWII – Synopsis

The majority of documents concerning the military and  political strategy regarding the "Austrian theater" from the longterm aims of the US Administration are not jet released under the
"Freedom of Information Act".

Nevertheless, we will, as we have our own sound recourses, soon be able to provide historically and scientifically solid evaluations.

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